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VSA - Victoria School Association

Welcome back and welcome to all new parents.

The VSA (Victoria School Association) arranges fun events for the children and grown-ups, enabling us to all get together socially and raise much-needed money for the school. Funds raised last year paid towards the replacement of the playground equipment and a trolley of iPads, as well as each class getting a bursary each term and many other things.

Everyone - existing and new parents - please join in to help with these events which rely entirely on volunteers. Some existing volunteers are moving on and therefore we need new helpers to be able to put on the events. You can put in as much or little time as you want, many of us fit it around work and other commitments. It would be great to have more men involved too.

The existing events are all easy to help at or run as we have briefings from previous similar events. You might have some new ideas too.

We would love to see you all to talk about what goes on and the events lined up at our monthly meetings (usually the third Tuesday of the month).  If you want to get in touch, either email us VSA@victoria.herts.sch.uk, search for the Facebook page 'Friends of the VSA', find us in the playground or drop a note into the VSA postbox.

Chair - Neil Ainsworth (Reception parent)
Secretary - Josie Drath (Reception parent) and Lisa Greenfield (Year 1 parent)
Treasurer - Kirsty Suggett (Year 1 and 2 parent)

VSA - New Team Needed

We want to say a huge thanks to everyone helping at and coming to the fair, it was a great success and we really can’t do it without all those fantastic helpers - so thank you very much.

It’s looking like it raised at least £4500 which is fantastic and there was such a fun atmosphere.

We’ll forget someone no doubt (sorry!) but particular thanks to: Mari for organising everything, Mrs Crozier and the staff for their fantastic help and support and the chior, Marie on hampers, Marie, Cindy & team on the craft room, Charlie, Sarah and team on face painting. Andrea, Helen and the team on bottles, Elaine on uniform, Gold Key breakfast club, Kerry and team on lucky dip, Karen, Catherine and team on treat bags, fullofbeans particularly Lucy and Lou for the new allotment stall - what a triumph. Rob, Lloyd and Paul on penalty shoot out - thanks so much for keeping those energetic boys entertained! The bbq kings George and Adam, Rebecca and team for lucky alley, Emma and team on the cafe and cakes, the George for providing the much needed bar and Tiff and the team on pimms. Not forgetting the heroes who stayed on to tidy everything up. Thank you for all donations for the silent auction, bottles, cakes, lucky dip, hamper bits, and treat bag stuff. Every single part of it was brilliant.

We are looking for people to take over as Secretary and Treasurer of the VSA from September. The Chair is staying on and other people help run the events and organise the fairs, it’s all really well set up and explained for people to take over. Though the Chair is staying on, if you fancy that role rather than Secretary or Treasurer we can jig things around. It’s not a huge burden but we need to fill the roles or the organisation can’t legally operate and raise funds. Two of us have shared the Secretary role for 2 years and that’s worked really well. The 3 of us will carry on helping at events and be around to help with answers to questions so you will be well supported. Even if you’ve never been to a meeting or helped at an event you’ll pick it up no problem. We all fit it around working.

It has been great fun and a privilege to have helped raise so much money for the school and to have made some great friends and had some fun nights out along the way. It’s not just about the much-needed money for the school; the events bring such joy to the kids (and adults) and bring the school community together. We certainly would have no chance of doing it without loads of volunteers, particularly those who run the events and organise the fair and with help from the office and teachers. So thank you very much to those who continue to help and support. We’re looking for new ideas and help all the time so if you have any please come along and get involved even if you don’t fancy the Secretary or Treasurer role. All welcome!

Here’s what we do:

Secretary - arrange the dates and time of meetings, book an area in a pub & invite people, write notes. Get event dates sorted and check availability with the school office, check the post box and email in box, help with reminders and help the fair organiser.

Treasurer - sorts floats for events, pays money into the bank, arranges events licences, keeps track of how much money each event earns, and an eye on bank balance, writes cheques.

Chair - organises who is doing what & writes parent mails and reminders, liaises with class reps to ask them to remind people of what’s going on.

Please let us know if you are willing to help the organisation carry on.

Speak to Neil, Josie, Lisa or Kirsty for more details - email vsa@victoria.herts.sch.uk


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Committee Members


Neil Ainsworth  


Lisa Greenfield   


Josie Drath   


Kirsty Suggett

Class Reps

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Year 2 

Emma Pritchard  
Emily Ross


Tiffany Randall

Karen Foxwell-Moss  

Cindy Gibson

Helen Galloway  

Kerry Morgan



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